Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Home from Holiday

Returning from holiday is always a let down. But what is really surprising is how quickly you get back into routine and how long ago your holiday seems. Only five days ago we were busy working locks as we descended through the Trent and Mersey canal at Wheelock into Middlewich to return our boat, yet it already seems a lifetime ago!

Whilst we enjoyed our holiday it seems to have made my 12 year old son Robert's anxiety worse and this morning he didn't want to go to school. Ever since starting secondary school last year his behaviour has deteriorated drastically. We had always had trouble with his behaviour in school, but this past year it has gotten worse and he has finally been seen by CAMHS (Child and Mental Health Services). I do feel a lot of anger towards his primary school as they should have picked up on his anxiety and behavioural issues earlier, but sadly they didn't. Thankfully his new school is very understanding and supportive of him and it is because of his new school that we have gotten as far as we have, with a CAMHS assessment, in only a few months (we discovered how severe his behaviour was at Easter when we met with the school's SEN (Special Educational Needs) teacher and educational psychologist).

Betty, my 10 year old daughter is happy to be back at school, she is the complete opposite of her brother, where I have to drag Robert to school I have to force Betty to stay home if she's ill. She loves learning and school and being surrounded by her friends. 

Georgie, my 8 year old daughter is also happy to be back at school and with her friends. Georgie is my quiet and undemanding daughter who lives in her own little world half the time. 

Clare is my 5 year old daughter who is very demanding. She doesn't like being five and wishes she was still a baby and acts like a baby a lot. Bedtimes are often a problem with her refusing to go to bed, refusing to stay in bed and usually ending up in our bed during the night! She was also upset to learn she had missed, not one but two, parties whilst we were away.

As for Emma, or as I like to call her Dora the Explorer, she's happy wherever she is, as long as she's with me and she can explore... oh and watch Sofia the First as well!

Last but not least we have little Dog, our 10 week old Staffy puppy. She's definitely glad to be home, she didn't like having to spend so much time in her crate whilst we were away or my parents dog growling every time she got too near. Also now she's had her 2nd injection she is free to go on walks!

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